She Is

Rocio Montoya is a photographer, graphic designer and artist based out of Madrid, Spain. Recently she has worked with more textual materials by creating surreal collages. By photographing edgy female models and then cutting pieces out of those photos, she can add pieces of nature with different magazine clippings. Her philosophy behind this is to create an aesthetic experience where the female body is in synergy with nature and therefore display the beauty in it.

My piece, She Is, is meant to mimic the works of Montoya while adding my personal flare. Although my work is purely designed graphically, I wanted to give the impression that each piece was made of paper by adding white outside strokes and drop shadows. The portrait of myself, in black and white, acts like the frame for all the natural elements around it. Pieces of my face are taken away or displaced to reveal natural elements underneath which exemplifies my personal closeness with nature and the nature’s relationship with the female body. She is nature, she is created and she is beautiful.

All artist references are from

All borrowed images are from

Sierra Dawn

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