Event Marketing Campaign

The group assignment for class was to create a cohesive marketing campaign, announcing that Senator Sanders will be speaking at Flagler College about America’s issues. The target audience is primarily students, although alumni and the community are also invited.

The breakdown of the marketing mix is as follows:

  1. Digital Newsletter intended for Flagler students.
  2. Print Newsletter intended for Flagler alumni.
  3. Examples of micro-blogs (Tweets) announcing the event to followers of Flagler College.
  4. An infographic with important details of the event that would be shared on Twitter.
  5. The front of the biography card about Senator Sanders.
  6. The back of the biography card about Senator Sanders. This biographic statement would be read at the event and copies would be handed out to attendees of the event for keepsake.

This was a group assignment in which I focused on the biography card. However, all four of us take creative responsibility for the final mix and had equal part in its production.

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