Book Jacket Redesign

Ernest Hemingway is known to be a major author in the era of contemporary fiction, with “The Sun Also Rises” being one of his profound works. This novel is set in the 1920’s, a time for partying and numerous love affairs as flapper girls galavanted about. With our main bachelorette engaged to one man, her true heart set on another and a couple other affairs along the way, Hemingway characterizes the true meaning of being caught up in love.

The purpose of this project was to revamp the old original book design printed in the late 1920s. The only catch is that our elements in the design can only be of artwork ranging from the Medieval Era to the Industrial Revolution (400 A.D – 1848) in order to interpret a contemporary story with older subject matter.

Original Book Jacket

Original Book Jacket

My New Design

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Book Jacket5.jpg


Artwork Used in Design

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