Social Media Graphics

Here are more examples of content I created for Menu Designs. There is a mixture of graphics for blog posts, quotes, fun facts, and featured products. Sierra Dawn

Image Studio Final Book

This small portfolio demonstrates the graphic design projects I created this past semester. The outer edge illustration is a hand drawn design. The book prints out to be a 8x8 square.  

Book Jacket Redesign

Ernest Hemingway is known to be a major author in the era of contemporary fiction, with "The Sun Also Rises" being one of his profound works. This novel is set in the 1920's, a time for partying and numerous love affairs as flapper girls galavanted about. With our main bachelorette engaged to one man, her... Continue Reading →

She Is

Rocio Montoya is a photographer, graphic designer and artist based out of Madrid, Spain. Recently she has worked with more textual materials by creating surreal collages. By photographing edgy female models and then cutting pieces out of those photos, she can add pieces of nature with different magazine clippings. Her philosophy behind this is to... Continue Reading →

T-Shirt Designs

This t-shirt design promotes the Association of Fundraising Professionals of which I am the president of at Flagler College. We have a monthly food pantry called The Lion's Den to help out students who are struggling financially or do not have a car to go buy groceries. This t-shirt design is a more feminine and fun approach... Continue Reading →

Monkey Jedi

Another fun Illustrator practice. Combining a cute monkey illustration with a Jedi getup makes for an energetic character.

“Charger” Illustration

This is another vector drawing practice using Illustrator. My focus was to play around with warm colors and their varying shades to make "Charger" look like the adorable yellow lab that he is.

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