Measuring ROI of Digital Media Channels

ROI measures need to be customized for each digital media channel used, after all, how success is measured in content that you earned is much different from success measurements for bought content. Between your collective, paid, earned and owned digital media traffic, how do we know which digital media elements are driving the most value? Paid,... Continue Reading →

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is becoming a standard way to design websites as the Internet becomes faster and cleaner. Its important to understand that responsive web design is a collection of designing methods that make a web page respond and adapt quickly to change. Let's see it in action. Open this article on a desktop browser... Continue Reading →

Cuban Cuisine

Food in Cuba is so much more than a simple Cuban sandwich and an ice cold mojito. The cuisine is a delicious blend of Native American Taino food, Spanish, African, and Caribbean pallets because of colonization and trade routes throughout history. Spanish colonists brought with them citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, as well as rice... Continue Reading →

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform, not just for its clean design, but also its photographic and creative aesthetic. From a marketing perspective, I really think the platform is going to take off like a rocket in the next few years. Recent news helps to solidify this.  Instagram now has more than... Continue Reading →

The Truth is Hard

In today's political climate, polarized views are being batted around following the common phrase, "the truth is." We see it so often on talk shows, interviews and news reports, the phrase, "the truth is," followed with an opinion. This is making it harder and harder for viewers to decipher what is actual factual truth and... Continue Reading →

Let’s Begin

The amount of times someone has to snap me out of a daydream is getting more often these days. I regularly find myself ruminating about my past adventures in the South East Asian region. I really have so many awesome stories to tell, and I want to get them out to the world before I forget them and... Continue Reading →

What Makes a Great Email?

Programs that enhance email marketing has come such a long way that people are focusing too much on bells and whistles and not attending to quality email copy. So how can we make our copy better so our subscribers don't start deleting our emails? Let's start with the subject line. How to Write a Killer Subject... Continue Reading →

The Cuban Mediasphere Begins to Shift

For years now the mass media in Cuba has been so tightly controlled by the government, that the "mediasphere" has been caught frozen in time. Today, the Cuban government still has a handle on most of the news that makes its way to the public. However, there are significant signs showing that media is beginning to emerge... Continue Reading →

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