Tough Travels – AFP Conference

Well It has been about a month now but I am finally writing about my visit to San Francisco. Let me start by saying, holy cow, California is so very far from Orlando, Florida! Thank goodness for my captivating Star Wars book and the ability to nap on the plane. But I wasn't originally supposed to... Continue Reading →

10 Things I Want to do in Cuba

After writing this series of blog posts about the background, culture, economy and history of Cuba, I have almost forgotten that we are going to Cuba to learn AND have fun! In my excited anticipation for the trip, I researched some fun things to do and see while in Cuba. Here is a list of my top... Continue Reading →

Cuban Cuisine

Food in Cuba is so much more than a simple Cuban sandwich and an ice cold mojito. The cuisine is a delicious blend of Native American Taino food, Spanish, African, and Caribbean pallets because of colonization and trade routes throughout history. Spanish colonists brought with them citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, as well as rice... Continue Reading →

Let’s Begin

The amount of times someone has to snap me out of a daydream is getting more often these days. I regularly find myself ruminating about my past adventures in the South East Asian region. I really have so many awesome stories to tell, and I want to get them out to the world before I forget them and... Continue Reading →

The Cuban Mediasphere Begins to Shift

For years now the mass media in Cuba has been so tightly controlled by the government, that the "mediasphere" has been caught frozen in time. Today, the Cuban government still has a handle on most of the news that makes its way to the public. However, there are significant signs showing that media is beginning to emerge... Continue Reading →

The Cuban Soul: Art and Music

Havana is the capital of Cuba both geographically and musically. Whether you're dancing to the Rhythmic beats of Afro-Caribbean tunes, salsa, cha-cha or rumba - which all started in Cuba and never stopped - you will definitely feel the Cuban culture beneath your feet. However, the music genres don't stop there! Cubans also enjoy reggaeton... Continue Reading →

U.S. – Cuban Relations

While I am so excited to be visiting Cuba this upcoming summer, it will also do me good to study more about U.S.- Cuban relations. This piece will be my personal reflection of how the Trump Administration should handle American relations with Cuba. While President Obama was in office he strived to normalize relations between... Continue Reading →

Diamond Miners

Cempaka mine in Indonesia is the largest diamond producer in Indonesia and hosts about 500 miners who fight to find the world’s next massive diamond. Miners range from 17 to 70 and are constantly in danger with potential landslides from soil erosion and confrontations between miners over territory to dig. 400 miners have died since 2000 yet... Continue Reading →

Hope for Antarctica

Antarctica: the frozen world of polar bears, penguins and Santa’s elves. Recently, NASA has discovered that Antarctica has actually been gaining ice against the popular belief that the polar ice caps have been melting forcing sea levels to rise. With satellite images, NASA has been measuring the heights of the ice shelves and found that while... Continue Reading →

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