We Bahamians.

We Bahamians proud and strong show no change of face, anchored with culture and persona. We walk on various paths of life, branched from different family trees. Yet we all stand bold for our flag and country. How can such a small island reflect on the quality of our character? For we have come so... Continue Reading →

A State of Mind

It was yesterday, maybe not, when I lay in a dream-like state upon the bow of the Lady Dot. My surrounding beautiful panorama, blankets me with tranquil harmony. Not a mosquito in sight, not a worry to fear. The dime shaped moon illuminates each scattered star in its charcoal backdrop. Like a mobile, divine celestial... Continue Reading →

Thunder and Lightning : My flight to Vegas

One red-eye flight about six years ago..... The view outside the airplane was phenomenal. As the evening descended into night, sky blended with the darkness of the ocean. Pitch black, endless space. However, tiny lanterns floated below and glowed brightly like fallen stars from above. What seemed like twinklers in the sky mirrored onto the... Continue Reading →

How Cuba Changed Me

I always pictured Cuba in my mind as a tropical island stuck in time, with vintage cars beeping around on narrow streets. It turns out that Cuba met my expectations but also went beyond that in areas I never knew possible. To tell you the truth, besides my initial vision, I had no idea what... Continue Reading →

Cuban Soil

Cuba was one of the most tropical and lush countries I have been to. The soil beneath me always stained my shoes brick-red, like on the softball fields I played on as a kid. Something about it (or maybe its the green thumbs of the Cuban farmers) made what grew in Cuba absolutely flourish. Everything... Continue Reading →

The Art of Cuba

This post is all about the art of Cuba! So it is going to be very visual, with plenty of photos. Although the variety of art I experienced during my time in Cuba was outstanding, I'll just share a few with you today. It all started on day two in Havana... Tattoos Don't worry mom... Continue Reading →

Journalism and the Internet in Cuba

Journalism in Cuba is a topic that fascinates me because of the hardships in getting the story published and out to Cuban readers. Here in America, anything posted online is available for the world to see. So much so, that this freedom is making it more difficult to decipher what is factual and what isn't.... Continue Reading →

The Cuban Soul: Dance

LETS ADD SOME DANCE MOVES. I absolutely love that salsa dancing is the go to routine when at a party or discoteca in Cuba. Not only does it require more skill and rhythm than the average American booty shaking, but it creates a safer environment to have fun. I could switch partners with any stranger, meet... Continue Reading →

Timeless Cuba : Moments in Cuban History

Old Havana City, a moment in time stuck in a perpetual degrading cycle of events. Old cathedral buildings remain standing tall, but covered in peeling paint, growing mold and crumbling concrete. You can tell they were once a pride and joy, something to marvel at in Old Havana. Now they are surrounded with busy streets,... Continue Reading →

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