Blog Goals

Blogging isn't just about sharing your thoughts with the world, it is also about growth! Here are three simple goals I have set for myself to help improve my blog: Post at least twice a week. Obtain 1000 total followers by the end of the year. Establish a new weekly feature on my blog like... Continue Reading →

Hello World, Again.

It has come to my attention that I have never spoken personally with you guys about why I am here blogging! The constantly changing world of social media, digital marketing and other forms of strategic communication intrigues me. So what better way to stay up with the times than writing about it online? You may... Continue Reading →

Fundraising Professionals Help Out

“Free Food in the student center!” I blared to the unexpected students, sitting in their groups around tables of the Flagler College Bistro. Most were already chowing down on Chik-Fil-A and paid no attention. Others I doubt heard me as they carried on, earphones amped with music. I wonder if anyone cared about what I... Continue Reading →

Outfoxed Review

All news reporters and journalists universally accept the fundamental principle to be “fair and balanced” when bringing the news to the public. However, it is ironic that Fox News actually uses this principle as their slogan, when in fact, they are notoriously right winged and not fair or balanced whatsoever. “Outfoxed” by Robert Greenwald documents... Continue Reading →

A New Kind of Superhero

Death, disease, environmental issues and hunger. Who or what will save us from the peril in this world? The answer: technology. Advancing technology is giving us better and faster outlets for communication and collaboration between science and society. Together we can tackle life’s hardships and find answers to issues that for so long have been a... Continue Reading →

The Sound of a Gunshot

America mourns over recent tragedy of the Oregon school shooting at Umpqua Community College. Nine people, murdered and betrayed in cold blood by a fellow student. Its easier to write about this when I didn’t have to go through the experience, I know that. However, we can not be desensitized to this kind of event. Its sad... Continue Reading →

Deep Space

Imagine looking at the night sky on your rooftop and seeing thousands of bright stars above you. Some are twinkling, some are different colors and some even zip past you in the blink of an eye. But what you think you see is not even a mere scratch on the vast deepness of space. Space is infinite... Continue Reading →

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