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Welcome to my blog, Plugged.In. My name is Sierra Aitken and I’m from the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. My mom is American and dad is Bahamian, both coming from parents of yet again different nationalities. I wouldn’t say that being Bahamian fully embodies my identity, but it did play a huge role in creating the person I am today. I’m the oldest of four kids and a devoted Star Wars fan with a secret addiction to sweet potato fries.

Living on an island was simple and pretty laid back, but it felt like I was constantly swimming with the same school of fish. After living in the little fishbowl I called home for so long, it got old. Then came the call for ADVENTURE! I love to travel, write, and have fun experiences, but not as much as I love to help people in need. Yes, that sounds cheesy, but hey it’s the truth!

Before I started college, I became a crew member on board the Logos Hope ship and embarked on a four month journey to South East Asia. I dabbled in different cultures across Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist countries and made more international friends than I can keep up with, all the while helping people in the community. To be honest, I had my moments, it was hard, tiring and missing home over the holiday seasons became almost unbearable. However, the relationships I made, experiences I had and smiles on the local’s faces were absolutely rewarding.

Now I am a Senior, soon graduating from Flagler College with a major in Strategic Communications and focus in digital marketing. Being creative and writing are favorite pastimes of mine, so I am lucky to be in a field where I can express this daily. My ultimate dream is to travel the world as a blogger or social media specialist with a sweet tea in hand. But who knows where I’ll end up! The biggest thing I have learned over the years is to roll with the waves.


Sierra Dawn

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