We Bahamians.

We Bahamians

proud and strong

show no change of face,

anchored with culture and persona.

We walk on various paths of life,

branched from different family trees.

Yet we all stand bold for our flag and country.

How can such a small island

reflect on the quality of our character?

For we have come so far

since the brink of our Independance.

We Bahamians,

proud and strong.


Where else can you find such beauty

than of our Bahamaland?

Even I see it

when I’m emersed in it

and I embody it

as I paint it.

To think such color is the fruit of our nature,

the nature of our beautiful Bahamaland.


What a contrast it is

to hear the boisterous banter in the city streets

and the rhythmic whispers of the eastward breezes

which drown my eardrums

and caress them in hypnotic flows.

Open your mind to the island’s secrets

and maybe you will realize what it means

to be



Sierra Aitken

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