A State of Mind

It was yesterday, maybe not,

when I lay in a dream-like state

upon the bow of the Lady Dot.

My surrounding beautiful panorama,

blankets me with tranquil harmony.

Not a mosquito in sight, not a worry to fear.

The dime shaped moon illuminates

each scattered star in its charcoal backdrop.

Like a mobile, divine celestial beings hang over my head.

Gentle breezes funnel the melodies of crickets

and other scurrying creatures from the shore.

I sense their high spirites in the cool atmosphere

where hovering salt dwells.

Nana, like a worker bee,

buzzes around amoungst the bouquet of aroma in the galley,

forming her masterpiece of cracked conch and Johnny bread.

It was yesterday, maybe not,

when laughter lingers in my soul

from an ecstatic game of cards

as the sun grew heavy.

Flat upon flat.

Glass-like water seems to mirror its captives and lull them to sleep

with the ocean’s lapping rhythms aside the Lady Dot.

Nassau rests as merely an afterglow of the day on the horizon.

I felt blissfully excluded from its animated nature.

In my own eloquent world on the night sea.


Sierra Dawn

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