The Road Less Travelled

Wandering amoungst forests of darkness,

avoiding shadowed silhouettes,

lurking behind oak and cedar.

My journey was piloted by twinkling spirits

which danced the steps of fadeless flowers in the fields of space.

Forms of ancient ruins stood starkly black

against this panoramic canvas that we call a fabricated dream.

I wonder of the history pumping through the veins of these lonely stones.

A sharp slap of breeze awoke me from my nostalgic trance,

breaking magic’s grasp on my mental conscience.

Now I must retrace my steps back to my reality.

Hopefully I won’t take a wrong turn onto the road less travelled.


Sierra Dawn

One thought on “The Road Less Travelled

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  1. as a fellow creative writer…. I can truly say “this is beautifully written”…..I can say without a doubt that you have surpassed me in my own craft….heredity can only take one so far. Your Great Great Uncle, Albert Payson Terhune would be proud. I am so proud of you and to be able to say also that I am your “mom”….. takes me in a way….on the journey with YOU. Lead on Sierra Lead on!!!!

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