Thunder and Lightning : My flight to Vegas

One red-eye flight about six years ago…..


The view outside the airplane was phenomenal. As the evening descended into night, sky blended with the darkness of the ocean. Pitch black, endless space. However, tiny lanterns floated below and glowed brightly like fallen stars from above. What seemed like twinklers in the sky mirrored onto the ocean as the orange lanterns highlighted its magical effect. They seemed to have come from a secret destination and were sent to give a secret message to someone, somewhere. The lantern-like glowers became more and more dense, as if coming together to form a web of fiery embers in one big celestial network. Thousands and thousands of embers appeared. God must have just put out an immense campfire with sparkling stars remaining to remind me of what was there before. I can feel the orange light hover above the land which soon trapped me in a beautiful trance. Flying further into cloudy night felt like forever until a skyscraper caught my eye. There it was, the Las Vegas strip. Lights, billboards, hotels, fountains, and millions of LED’s took over the scene. I’ve never been to Vegas, so my first expression was just, “Woah.”


On my way back from Vegas, another magical event happened in the sky around my plane. There was a silent thunder. Never before have I seen something as eye catching and extraordinary as a lighting storm from inside a plane. Up above, above the grey mucky rain clouds, was a light show I could not believe. There were glowing, zapping jellyfish everywhere! Purple and silver flourescent cotton candy appeared then flashed away with a delayed light after effect. It was so beautiful. I stared for two hours in deep wonderment of the immense power and electricity in those flashing mushroom clouds. The thunder and lighting below me had a demanding presence. The beautiful chaos soon ended as we flew closer to Florida.


Morning came three hours faster than usual because my journey led me towards the sun. The sun came in a grand array of orange, blue, purple, pink, green and yellow watercolors. As if streaked by the brush of God, the popping hues left me awestruck. The Creator is so divine. Flying 35,000 feet in the air gives an imperfect girl like me the privilege of seeing night and morning above the clouds. There is no possible way to depict my emotions at those moments, but I can tell you it was something I would never forget.

Sierra Dawn

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