A State of Mind

It was yesterday, maybe not, when I lay in a dream-like state upon the bow of the Lady Dot. My surrounding beautiful panorama, blankets me with tranquil harmony. Not a mosquito in sight, not a worry to fear. The dime shaped moon illuminates each scattered star in its charcoal backdrop. Like a mobile, divine celestial... Continue Reading →

The Road Less Travelled

Wandering amoungst forests of darkness, avoiding shadowed silhouettes, lurking behind oak and cedar. My journey was piloted by twinkling spirits which danced the steps of fadeless flowers in the fields of space. Forms of ancient ruins stood starkly black against this panoramic canvas that we call a fabricated dream. I wonder of the history pumping... Continue Reading →

The Hibiscus

The Hibiscus, a flower transcending in beauty. Petals tinted in silver and gold, busy bees come buzzing to do their duty and admire the Hibiscus standing tall and bold. Like a jewel, it glistens in evening dew as petals close, for the world is a threat. But when the moon is gone and night is... Continue Reading →

Thunder and Lightning : My flight to Vegas

One red-eye flight about six years ago..... The view outside the airplane was phenomenal. As the evening descended into night, sky blended with the darkness of the ocean. Pitch black, endless space. However, tiny lanterns floated below and glowed brightly like fallen stars from above. What seemed like twinklers in the sky mirrored onto the... Continue Reading →

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