What I Learned as a Menu Designs Intern

I look back at the past year I have spent as an intern at Menu Designs and reflect on all of the useful marketing tips and tools I have learned. It is a lot to cover! However, practicing with these new skills and working to enhance the marketing efforts of the company almost every day has equipped me with the proper marketing toolbox to make it in this industry. Let’s just say I am a different person now than I was the first day I walked through the doors of Menu Designs.

My mentor, Jamie Douglas, has taught me to use efficient programs like Hootsuite and CoSchedule in order to schedule content across all social media accounts. I personally like CoSchedule better, because of the easy visual that is your calendar and the ability to organize types of posts with color labels. With this, came a lot of content creation! You would be surprised how much marketers need to write quality content. It became hard at times to think of something fresh and new to post every time. However, the results on our social platforms are totally worth it. After all, because of our efforts, Menu Designs was named one of “The Best Small Business Blogs of 2017″ by Fit Small Business!

My most memorable day on the job was the day that Twitter updated its platform and allowed us to post pictures without adding to our character count in a tweet. What a day that was! I had more space to tweet updates about our products AND add a visual. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, on Twitter, it’s worth zero in the best way possible.

Canva_LogoSome of the content I posted were curated blogs and articles from other relevant sources, in order to remain in the loop of the hospitality industry. I also posted product updates, including “Product of the Day” posts, and fun business quotes and facts in order to keep our readers engaged. By introducing Menu Designs to this great online tool called Canva, I was able to design impressive visuals and info-graphics for the company while still remaining within brand guidelines. I tip my hat to Canva!

Besides, creating social media content, I also learned about back linking and the importance of being noticed by other reputable companies in order to increase our quality score on Google. This, and having a responsive and well-designed website, optimizes our search engine results or SEO. This bumps Menu Designs up the search results list when people look for anything having to do with menu products.

All in all, I am very happy with my time at Menu Designs, and am sad to see it coming to a close. However, there is another chapter to this story! Maybe I’ll be back after equipping myself further with other experiences in digital marketing. My next step is togoogle-adwords-logo get certified with Google AdWords, and practice designing beautiful websites so that I can add these to my professional toolbox. What you can learn in this industry is absolutely endless, which always keeps us marketers on our toes.

I want to thank Menu Designs for teaching me so much, for a great working experience and corporate culture, and for the friendships I made along the way.

Sierra Dawn

Read the Menu Designs blog here.

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