What Makes a Great Email?

Programs that enhance email marketing has come such a long way that people are focusing too much on bells and whistles and not attending to quality email copy. So how can we make our copy better so our subscribers don’t start deleting our emails? Let’s start with the subject line.

How to Write a Killer Subject Line

The gatekeeper of your email, the subject line will either reel in your audience or send them away. Use actionable language with verbs and also by making it clear to the reader what they can do with the information they are about to read in your email.

When possible, it is also important to personalize the subject line. Highly segmented emails have high click through rates compared to emails that are not personalized. This doesn’t mean include the recipient’s first name in the header, but cater to your target audience’s behavioristic and psychographic qualities.

Write a subject line that is clear first, and catchy second. If after you have a clear and concise subject line, and can make it cute or funny as swell, then go for it. Clarity also goes for making sure your subject line is aligned with your email copy.

Now you can begin to write your awesome marketing email.


How to Write Awesome Email Copy

First things first, establish why your email is relevant to your audience.

Secondly, make sure you write in the second person (using “you,” and “your”). This will orient the email towards the reader and not your company.

Now talk about how your audience will be benefited. You know the value of the email, but they don’t yet. Don’t ramble on about the features of the product, instead let your audience know what they will get in return for taking action.

Be lovable not a cold salesman. Inform and delight. Let your brand’s personality shine through your words. Also be brief and save your readers the headache, which in turn is also a lovable act.

Finally, end with a strong, well designed call to action that is easy to identify. Make it like a bug zapper where all the mosquitoes go towards the light because they can’t help themselves. Except in this case, no one dies.

Sierra Dawn

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