6 Digital Advertising Strategies for Mobile.

A great group of entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) explain strategies to help you succeed in digital advertising despite new ad blocking updates on mobile devices. Keep in mind that “you should never rely on just one strategy to carry any aspect of your business, and advertising is no exception” (Scott Gerber). With that said, here are 6 strategies that will open new doors for you in digital advertising.

1. Boost Social Posts

Boosted posts on social networks look like a normal post by one of the user’s contacts which in turn bypasses ad blocks. It’s in the center of the stage, on the user’s timeline or story, which attracts more attention then a side panel banner. You can also tailor the ad towards a variety of customer audiences, reaching your ideal target audience.

2. Create Great Content

With all the background noise and repetitive advertising methods, entrepreneurs need to get creative in their content creation. The ideal situation is to get your viewers to look at or watch an ad without even knowing its an ad. Great content is often funny or tugs at your heart-strings. Content like this will do the advertising for you once it goes viral.

3. Focus on Relationship Building via Social Media

Actively build relationships with your audience by liking posts and images and leaving friendly comments. Every like and comment acts as a hyperlink – a way for consumers to get back to your webpage or social account. If you can’t afford a social media manager to do this, get your whole team on board as administrators for your social accounts.

4. Use Video Streaming

Another way to get around ad blocking is to create 15 second video ads that are so popular on Instagram and Snapchat right now. This gives your ad a creative filter from the typical clutter.

5. Provide Value Through Connection

One way to make money from mobile is through third party sites.  Shazam, for example, gives you a song title and a click-through link to that song on a third party site. This service never makes the user think about money or have to see an irrelevant ad, yet the consumer is brought to your site and is able buy the song.

6. Target Customers with Social Advertising

Your audiences are heavily using social media apps. Bring the advertising to them where they are at. Running campaigns on popular social networks allow you to target your audiences in a way that each social network is best known for. With methods of marketing such as pay-per-click (PPC), you can go as big or as small as you want based on your budget.

Of course there are many more tricks of the trade in getting around digital advertising blocks. Its important to not see this as manipulating the system or pushing your product on the consumers so much to the point of it being annoying. If your content creation is superb, your mobile integration is clean and your campaigns are out-of-the-box, then consumers will want to absorb it and share it. It’s a win-win.

Sierra Dawn

Read the original Mashable article here.

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