Landing Pages Matter

This article from focuses on the importance of landing pages and how optimizing them is for the benefit of the business. The landing page is the homepage of the website, or the page of a website that you are brought to after clicking a hyperlink from somewhere else. Many marketers focus so much on other content that they neglect the landing page, which ultimately is the first impression of their online interaction with your brand.

Here are some practices to optimize your landing page:

Set Your Priorities: a big mistake that marketers do is to not include their LP into their branding plan. It is more like a second thought or after the fact. The best thing to do is figure out what the branding or marketing plan is first and build the LP around that.

Let Prospects set Priorities: let the consumer have the option to opt out with a visible, one- click link in case they decide your products aren’t for them. This will steer your website away from the “annoying” category.

Integrate the source with the page: many times a link from a social media channel will take consumers to your LP. Make sure that there is ample content that gives prospects as much information as an e-newsletter would since social channels don’t provide such detail. This should be cohesive with the look, feel and tone of the brand with proper design (fonts, colors, images). Remember, emails and social accounts get the clicks but it’s really the LP that does the hard work.

Make your LP Flexible: be mindful that people will be looking at your LP from all kinds of devices. Make your LP flexible in that it can be used efficiently from a mobile device as well as a desktop computer. This will encourage forwards and shares of your LP because consumers know it is formatted for every device.

My personal opinion is to not forget the power of interaction on landing pages. Viewers will second guess simply “passing by” your website and be more tempted to look further if there are animations, photos, discussion boards etc. Optimizing your LP as a streamlined, clean and cohesive one stop shop for your brand will bring in more leads and increase customer retention.

Sierra Dawn

Read the full article here.

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