Risk of Cartoons in Pharmaceutical Ads

I am seeing more and more of these drug-related ads spots on T.V that have some sort of funny looking animation along with it. Many ads are turning to fully animated advertisement because they are often cheaper to make. The pharmaceutical brands are aiming to create a family friendly relationship between consumer and company by putting animated cartoons as their forefront. However, this could possibly have negative effects on the viewer. Drugs and the often times risky side effects of these drugs are not something that should be taken lightly. Cartoons can lead the viewer away to a childlike fantasy version of the pharmaceutical world which is otherwise a very serious matter.

The FDA is looking into these cartooned T.V spots to make sure that the benefits for the drug companies do not overlook the possible negative effects on their consumers before lawsuits are handed out left and right. It is already mandatory to list side effects of the drugs in the commercial, but if these precautions are masked by colorful and distracting cartoons than what is the point? People psychologically are more willing to buy products from brands that they trust. If cartoons are portraying a warm and fuzzy feeling about an actually dangerous drug, then the companies are putting out wrong ideas about their product. Furthermore, children are watching these commercials. Is it ethical to allow children to familiarize themselves with cartoons that, in reality, represent a product that should never be in the hands of children? I would hate for my little brother or sister to want to sit down and watch the cartoon about some serious anti-depressant or Viagra, and then have to explain to them what the cartoons are talking about. In my opinion, the FDA should act upon their suspicions of cartoons in drug-related commercials.

Sierra Dawn

Read article here.

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