LinkedIn gets Linked into Television Marketing

As an avid user of LinkedIn, the news that the social networking platform will debut their first television commercial during the Oscars sparked my interest. Their campaign is aiming to share the big idea that LinkedIn is the platform to help everyone reach their full potential with may be closer than you originally thought. As a social network, LinkedIn is creatively branding themselves as a tool to bridge the gap in communication and globalize the professional world through online interaction.

Last year, NASA used LinkedIn to seek potential future astronauts for the space program. LinkedIn found that 3 million American users qualified for the job. This was surprising and an excellent representation of how LinkedIn can make even the dream job reachable for you, no matter how far away it seems (literally). With nominations for “The Martian” and its lead actor Matt Damon, the atmosphere was set.

By waiting to debut their first ad during the Oscars, where many viewers are tuned in, Linked In is tagging their ad and therefore their brand, as an innovative, creative piece of art, similar to the movies nominated for Oscar awards. The Oscars represents achieving unimaginable goals, and should spark the will in future LinkedIn users to aim for these goals.

This move by their marketing team is not only well executed but the time and place couldn’t be more perfect. This will definitely give LinkedIn a creative and competitive edge over other social networking platforms.

Sierra Dawn

Read Article here.

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