The New Playboy

Good news. Playboy has decided to move away from full nudity photos in their magazines. I fully support this, not only because showing naked images of women for the pleasure of men has been demoralizing for so many years, but because this is a smart rebranding move for the company. Growing up as a millennial, I know that men my age actually have a better mindset about women nowadays. Men respect women who can carry themselves with integrity. It not only looks better but shows a more positive character of a woman who has her life together. This may not be the case everywhere, but almost every time a guy I know sees a girl wearing shorts that are inappropriate, he reacts in disgust and sees it as a desperate act for attention. Of course, Playboy is still not portraying the conservative woman, but eliminating fully nude images from the magazine is a step in the right direction.

From a marketing standpoint, men of the millennial era are taking a liking to this new playboy woman: sexy but not trashy. She’s leaving room for discovery instead of showing all, right off the bat. Sex appeal without the pornography. Furthermore, Playboy has a new way to reach out to this new target audience, they are no longer restricted to the adult section of the magazine rack and will see a boost in profits now that they are able to “cast a wider net.” We can’t forget about the female audience that buy Playboy. This is definitely a positive statement for modern women which says that a woman’s body can be admired and appreciated without having to give everything away.

Advertisers such as Stoli Vodka are taking advantage of the new Playboy magazine. Stoli put an ad on the first no-nudity issue in hoping that it will soon become a collector’s item. Catch phrases such as, “Here’s to leaving just a little to the imagination,” serves as a supportive toast to Playboy’s reformed brand image while keeping along with the edginess of the magazine. The two companies have the same goals in mind, to reach a broader audience while maintaining edge and wit.

Sierra Dawn

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