75 Years for Jeep

Everyone loves a Jeep. They are fun, timeless, and the ultimate outdoor vehicle. Jeep kicked off its 75th year anniversary with a campaign premiering during the Super Bowl. I personally saw both of the two spots during the football game and was impressed by both. They carried a vintage feel and made the viewer feel nostalgic about the classic Jeeps that were made for our soldiers in combat. This emphasized that Jeep is universal, and a chameleon when it comes to terrain and functionality. “Portraits” which played during halftime had a significant impact on me. It was all black and white and flashed high definition close-up shots of people’s faces who have Jeeps. The variety of individuals was cool to see. People who normally wouldn’t be the “type” to have a Jeep were surprisingly featured and which demonstrated the brand’s big idea that society is what made Jeep what it is today not the manufacturers. It’s a cool Jeep culture that the viewer wants to be a part of. This spot re-imagines the idea that a 4×4 vehicle allows you to live a life without boundaries. The company’s decision to wait to air the ads during the Super Bowl left viewers and critiques waiting in excitement.  This added to the grand reveal and made the spots seem like a special event that had a mark in history just as the 50th Super Bowl did. In the end, both creatives were great examples of promotions of brand loyalty and image as oppose to selling Jeep vehicles specifically. It was creative, great quality and effective because I felt as if it was relevant to me even though I do not own a Jeep and I still think about the ad even after the Super Bowl.

Sierra Dawn

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