Coke uses Traditions in Chinese New Year Campaign

While in the U.S Coca-Cola uses Santa and a polar bear as the face on our Christmas soda cans, in China the company uses something that hits a little closer to home. Coke uses a symbol of Chinese tradition that holds not only historical culture and relevance to the Chinese market, but also it warms the hearts of those buying the products and has long-term appeal. The giggling Chinese characters A Fu and A Jiao were cartooned and made family friendly. After people could share them as emoji’s on mobile app WeChat, the new faces spread viral and became an interactive element of the Coca-Cola campaign. These symbols of good luck and blessing during the happy season of the New Year, are not only personal to Chinese consumers but are proof that old ideas reinvented can stand above the clutter.

I found it interesting how this campaign can fulfill two facets, both the perception facet and the affection facet. This is because the doll characters make us perceive Coke as a fun, family-friendly brand which makes us trust in the brand and see them as more reliable. There is a dynamic relationship between buyer and business because drinking coke gives us the feeling of happiness. This is one of the big reasons why Coca-cola is so successful, they can reach across cultures and continents with fun loving ad campaigns and commercials.

Sierra Dawn

Read Article Here.

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