Lessons from New Year’s Resolutions

Starting with the new year, the upcoming series of blog posts will be based on marketing, advertising and public relation topics from http://www.adage.com.

It is no secret that many people make New Year’s Resolutions and then fail to complete them. Time and time again the common weight loss goal are attempted and failed. So why do people make resolutions every New Year despite knowing that they may not make it through? This is important research for those in the Marketing field because by revealing what people’s aspirations are, marketers are able to provide a product or service that can meet the specific desires of the consumer. I found this very interesting because marketers are using milestones in an individual’s life to the advantage of their campaign. People realize time is passing with the fresh start of a new year or when they are about to enter a new decade in their age, so, by showing the consumer that other people are making changes as well, we can convince them that now is the time for self-improvement. How do they acquire this self-improvement? With the products or services we are marketing to them of course!

The author of this article brings some fresh ideas to the table on how marketers can make New Year’s resolutions seem achievable to the consumer. People make resolutions because our desired future self that we imagine six months from now has succeeded. Our future self has overcome the temptation to eat that slice of cake or skip out on workouts, when in reality, this is very difficult for our present selves to do. If marketers can unlock ways to make the end goal achievable then the gap between present and future self can be bridged and people will keep their resolutions. This opens a new market of people who are willing to buy products and services with future benefits. It is amazing the depth of research involved in consumer behavior and knowing not only what the consumer wants but when they want it and how long they will want it for. These are all key components to a successful marketing campaign.

Sierra Dawn

Read Article Here.

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