Outfoxed Review

All news reporters and journalists universally accept the fundamental principle to be “fair and balanced” when bringing the news to the public. However, it is ironic that Fox News actually uses this principle as their slogan, when in fact, they are notoriously right winged and not fair or balanced whatsoever. “Outfoxed” by Robert Greenwald documents just how unfair and unbalanced Fox News Station really is through uncovered secret memos, interviews with previous and current Fox employees and impelling evidence for the corruption in the channel’s motives.

Fox News is filled with talk shows which they pose as real news. It’s not real news, it’s the talk show host’s personal opinion. Fox News loves opinion based news because opinion can never be proven wrong, Fox’s news can never be incorrect. This is dangerous because viewers are never given any factual news from these talk shows. You need facts as a standard when making your own opinions on a subject matter. For this reason, I do not agree with the O’Reilly talk show. It seems very close minded for O’Reilly to shut down any view that opposes his own. Programs like this try so hard to save face for Fox News, when in the end it makes them seem impartial to everything that a fair and balanced news program stands for.

Sierra Dawn

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