A New Kind of Superhero

Death, disease, environmental issues and hunger. Who or what will save us from the peril in this world? The answer: technology.

Advancing technology is giving us better and faster outlets for communication and collaboration between science and society. Together we can tackle life’s hardships and find answers to issues that for so long have been a pain in our side.

By 2025, there may be up to 1 trillion connected devices globally that are sharing information with one another that we have never had before. Atlas, a data-driven mapping tool that, in collaboration with farmers and agricultural leaders, can identify ways to reap higher yields of crops from land so that we do not need to expand into forests and jungles that help maintain our atmosphere. Also, when scientists need to stop the spread of any disease outbreaks, big data can plug them into modeling tools that show how diseases are likely to replicate across geography and time. Furthermore, 400 government data collections now allow climate-change analysts to cross-reference time-lapse temperature maps, historical fertilizer records, and live feeds of natural events and global changes. Education will be made stronger with data about population demographics, and test results. Data analytics show where progress is most pronounced and where students need further resources.

Technology gives us the tools we need to make a better world, but working together towards these goals is the most powerful way to put those tools to work.

Sierra Dawn

Read Article Here.

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