Red Cups

So here we are, the day after Halloween is over and BANG!! Christmas time everyone!! (sorry Thanksgiving, Santa is coming early as usual)

Of course America’s obsession with pumpkin spice lattes are driving them to Starbucks this season, but WHAT? WHAT IS THIS? The new Starbucks cups are so clean, so minimalist, so…. red.

Normally I wouldn’t care about paper cups or their color, but having some interest in the marketing field, I have to say this is a smart move by Starbucks. They are trying to make something new, something fresh and clean. Your going to look more classy and hipster than ever with a vibrant red cup this season! But of course, anything that is religious affiliated is going to cause some controversy with the public. It just simply isn’t Christmas-y enough.

To be honest, I get it. I get why Christians nation wide are saying that the Christmas spirit is being taken out of the design. They claim its deliberately ignoring the Christmas feel because Starbucks owners aren’t Christians themselves. Well, hello! I’m a Christian myself and to be honest its sad that this is even in the news. If any Christian is so concerned that the joy of Christmas is being stripped from their coffee experience and “all is lost,” then they need to wake up and think for a moment about the actual meaning of Christmas. I don’t need little gingerbread men squiggles on a paper cup to make me feel like Christmas is important. If I did then I’d go ahead and bring my own markers with me to Starbucks.

This just proves that Christmas has become one big consumer holiday where the true reason for the season is determined by the atmosphere and decorations and how many presents you get. Those who can’t afford fancy Starbucks cups filled with pumpkin spiced lattes still can enjoy Christmas for what its meant to be. The holiday is meant to celebrate much more than coffee.

Sierra Dawn

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