The Child Consumer

The documentary our class watched the other day was a real eye opener about how children hold the highest amount of buying power in the market. We have all been exposed to some kind of advertising in some way or other, but helpless children are targeted constantly without knowing. I knew that marketing agencies do consumer studies and focus groups to learn about what makes the buyer tick, but how they do this to children is sick. Sometimes young girls and boys are enrolled into clubs that encourage them to host parties with friends to try different items and toys for fun. They would then report back to the marketing agencies which items their friends liked more and why. The way I see it, these children are being exploited and used as cheap labor. The marketing agencies know this but their job is to sell by all means necessary.

Something else I never realized is that even after the child has already nagged their parents into buying the product for them, that product continues to be an advertising weapon. Brands, logos, and characters that are plastered all over their school backpacks, blankets and books constantly indulge their lives in the product. The child can never escape it and becomes a slave to the familiar brand on every TV commercial.

It is important to be aware of how greatly affected children are by the market and what this means for their futures. If it is the profit seeking market that molds children’s lives, then we should be very worried. Children today are the world’s tomorrow.

Sierra Dawn

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