Vanity Search

This week’s assignment is to do an online vanity search to see just how broadcasted we are all over the internet. So I Google “Sierra Aitken” and I immediately think, “oh no,” after I pop up all over my screen.

There is a banner displayed across the top of pictures of my face. The most common photos are of a photo shoot I did a while back in the Bahamas where my photographer did a full body painting on me for the National Handball team of Denmark campaign. If you are going to search my photos now out of curiosity do so at your own risk… (its scary).

Besides those photos there are a couple old selfies, a picture of my sister, a picture of my cousin, selfies of two of my high school friends (which all are unrelated to me and I was never tagged in on Facebook), a screenshot of  two different videos I posted on YouTube for a class project and one picture of the only other “Sierra Aitken” listed on Facebook. Sad for her that if she ever wants to search herself she’s going to get a lot of me instead.

The Web search was more interesting to me though. Some links have to do with me but most are of  the other Sierra Aitken. My Google+ (that I never use) and Facebook is listed. However, I know that I have FB set to where you have to be my friend to see my material. Of course that never protects profile photos! Besides that my photographer, Monty Knowles, has his site listed with photos of me posted in his gallery and there is a link to a Facebook post from my church about getting people to donate towards my mission trip I had 2 years ago. I’m just seeing that post! It’s a little late to thank them for spreading the news tho. What is weird is that I wasn’t tagged in that post yet it came up on Google search just because my name was mentioned in the text.

So thank you Google for keeping a great profile on me all over the internet! I am sure all the creepy stalkers and pedophiles out there will surely appreciate it!

Sierra Dawn

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