The Sound of a Gunshot

America mourns over recent tragedy of the Oregon school shooting at Umpqua Community College. Nine people, murdered and betrayed in cold blood by a fellow student. Its easier to write about this when I didn’t have to go through the experience, I know that. However, we can not be desensitized to this kind of event. Its sad that shootings have happened so often in the last few years that we haven’t actually DONE more to fix the problem. We talk about it but don’t do.

The controversy at hand is whether to enforce gun laws or not. Personally, I am not a fan of guns. Yes they protect but there would be less to protect from if the offender didn’t have guns as well. We try to solve a problem with the problem and its obviously  not working. Its not like the shooter had obtained his guns illegally, all of his 7 pistols, 5 rifles, and shotgun were legally registered and underwent the proper permit formality that America demands. Yet Chris Harper-Mercer was able to gun down several people with his own armada of weapons.

The 2nd Amendment says that we have a right to keep and bear arms. This was relevant back in history when the foundation of America was at the brink of civil war. However, in today’s world we can not take the Constitution so literally when it was meant for a time very different from ours. Otherwise, it would still be legal to have slaves and women wouldn’t be allowed to vote. We can not take these matters out of context.

My point is that it has become important to consider a world without civilian accessibility to guns. Even if guns were obsolete, people would find other ways to hurt each other, so adding fuel to the fire is not a solution. We can’t ignore the horrifying sound of a gunshot.

Sierra Dawn

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