Hurricane Joaquin Hits Bahamas

Growing up in the Bahamas I always viewed Hurricanes as a let off from school where I just get to stay inside and play cards with my family all weekend. However, I never really paid attention to the horrible effects it has on the more rural family islands further down the chain. Nassau, the capital, is pretty protected from the larger islands surrounding it, so of course family islands like Crooked Island, Acklins and Eleuthera are going to receive the most damage.

Friday, Joaquin was at its worst as a category 4 with 125 mph winds. There were reports of people being stuck in their homes with water levels to their windows. Vehicles floated down the streets, trees hurled by, power nationwide was knocked out about 85% of homes were destroyed in one settlement in Crooked Island. Weeks are needed to recover from this damage.

There has been no reports of deaths or casualties so far, however people are missing. A cargo ship sailing from Jacksonville, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico got caught in Hurricane Joaquin off the coast of Crooked Island and its communication devices were destroyed in the 20-30 foot waves. Last we heard they were taking on water but were able to contain it. The US and Bahamian Coast Guard are still trying to find the ship with helicopter searches but have had no luck. Hopefully the 33 Americans and Polish sailors on board are okay.

Luckily my family is safe but it seems I underestimated Joaquin.

Sierra Dawn

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