Happy Girls are the Prettiest? Not Really.

Recently the UK store Next was forced to remove a pullover t-shirt from their clothing line because of the Audrey Hepburn quote, “Happy Girls are the Prettiest,” printed on it.

It was meant to be a positive notion, be happy with a smile on your face and your inner beauty will shine. This is an encouraging reminder for most young girls with self image issues. However, people with depression caused by mental illness, something that they can not control, threatened to boycott over social media, taking offense to the statement on the t-shirt. Are depressed girls ugly then?

Personally, I think that the t-shirt wasn’t meant to be taken so seriously. It was an encouraging quote from an iconic figure that speaks of staying strong, looking forward and believing that tomorrow will be another day. If anything, it should be motivational for girls who suffer from depression to keep their head up and think positively.

On the other hand, if people have a problem, then it was right for Next to stop selling the shirt. To compromise, maybe the shirt should say something else like, “Be happy, eat chocolate.” I’d buy it! But then again, girls with eating disorders might take offense to that too….

Sierra Dawn

Read Article Here.

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