Say Hello to BB-8

In light of the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens that premiers in December, I’ve been doing some pretty nerdy reading on My face became glued to the screen at the sight of this adorable little guy. BB-8, a personal, quirky, fast moving toy that personifies the character of BB-8 that we will see in the new movie.

Sphero partnered with Disney and LucasFilms to engineer the perfect robotic friend accompanied with a smartphone app to give it commands and interact from a galaxy not so far away. Of course BB-8 can’t ever replace everyone’s best bud R2-D2, but it’s said that once you see how BB-8 moves on its circular body you will become utterly amazed. He moves, talks, scouts and is just plain cool! Not to mention he comes packaged beautifully with a wireless dock for quick recharges before his next adventure.

To be honest, I think robotic toys are awesome and I wish there were more outlets for interactive fun like this. P.S. I also love Star Wars and would love to get this toy if it weren’t for the price ticket: $149.99.  But hey, its a cool idea.

Sierra Dawn

Read Article Here.

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