Deep Space

Imagine looking at the night sky on your rooftop and seeing thousands of bright stars above you. Some are twinkling, some are different colors and some even zip past you in the blink of an eye.

But what you think you see is not even a mere scratch on the vast deepness of space. Space is infinite and quite frankly a beautiful and extraordinary concept. It comes to no surprise to me that scientists have found yet another starry nebula out there. Space is certainly not the final frontier.

My recent Mashable reading brought me upon the gorgeous photo above.

Everybody say Ooohhh, Aaahhh.

Its one of the sharpest photos of the Messier 17 region, or Horseshoe region, of space that we have yet. This rosy colored nebula is about 5,500 light years from our solar system and 15 light years wide. Talk about long road trips!

The pink color is from large amounts of burning hydrogen while the white clusters in the middle are a mixture of light from the hottest gases and the starlight reflected by dust. There are about 800 stars in the middle of the nebula and even more towards the outskirts. Stars within stars. Inception.

Next time you’re outside think about what could be out there and what’s left to discover!

Sierra Dawn

Read Article Here.

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