The Lost Generation

This Syrian Refugee girl sits in a Lebanese classroom last year. She is one of millions of children around the world who have lost their home with the uprising conflict throughout the Middle East. As many as 13 million kids escaping oppression in the Middle East and Africa are forced from school, creating a name for themselves which UNICEF calls the “lost generation.”

Around 9000 schools in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen have been obliterated, seized, or are overflowing with refugees who have nowhere else to go, no hope for their best chance of a safe-haven. The 700,000 children in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey left outside in the cold are a testament to this.

The word lost strikes some deep dark feeling within me. We often think we feel lost. Maybe sometimes we really do. But to be without a home, family or education and no hope for a brighter future truly says lost to me. Furthermore to have an entire generation in this category is nothing but heart breaking. Yet here I am writing this post from my comfy dorm room at my comfy college getting a great education. Makes me wonder about how I live my life compared to those who don’t have the pleasure to live “comfy”.

What do you think about this issue and the role of education in young children?

Sierra Dawn

Read Article Here.

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