Timeless Cuba : Moments in Cuban History

Old Havana City, a moment in time stuck in a perpetual degrading cycle of events. Old cathedral buildings remain standing tall, but covered in peeling paint, growing mold and crumbling concrete. You can tell they were once a pride and joy, something to marvel at in Old Havana. Now they are surrounded with busy streets,... Continue Reading →

Modern or Aged? A Look at Our Metallic Materials

Metallics have made a comeback in trend in 2017 as we see the shimmery looks everywhere. Varying shades and finishes of aluminum, copper, bronze and gold are incorporated seamlessly into art, interior design, and fashion. So why not bring this timeless look into your restaurant establishment? Here at Menu Designs, we realize the endless possibilities... Continue Reading →

Blog Goals

Blogging isn't just about sharing your thoughts with the world, it is also about growth! Here are three simple goals I have set for myself to help improve my blog: Post at least twice a week. Obtain 1000 total followers by the end of the year. Establish a new weekly feature on my blog like... Continue Reading →

Tough Travels – AFP Conference

Well It has been about a month now but I am finally writing about my visit to San Francisco. Let me start by saying, holy cow, California is so very far from Orlando, Florida! Thank goodness for my captivating Star Wars book and the ability to nap on the plane. But I wasn't originally supposed to... Continue Reading →

10 Things I Want to do in Cuba

After writing this series of blog posts about the background, culture, economy and history of Cuba, I have almost forgotten that we are going to Cuba to learn AND have fun! In my excited anticipation for the trip, I researched some fun things to do and see while in Cuba. Here is a list of my top... Continue Reading →

Measuring ROI of Digital Media Channels

ROI measures need to be customized for each digital media channel used, after all, how success is measured in content that you earned is much different from success measurements for bought content. Between your collective, paid, earned and owned digital media traffic, how do we know which digital media elements are driving the most value? Paid,... Continue Reading →

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is becoming a standard way to design websites as the Internet becomes faster and cleaner. Its important to understand that responsive web design is a collection of designing methods that make a web page respond and adapt quickly to change. Let's see it in action. Open this article on a desktop browser... Continue Reading →

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